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Nearly 4, 00,000 people undergo coronary bypass surgery every year. The majority of these surgeries are not only wasted efforts but may materially accelerate the disability and shorten the patient's life span. The various factors like mental stress, lack of exercise, consumption of alcohol, chewing or smoking of tobacco, obesity, hypertension and diabetes lead to heart attack. Person with any of the above factor may have a probability of heart attack.

At Firodiya Heart Foundation we provide a non invasive and economical treatment for heart patients and help prevent heart attack. We treat our patients with Ayurvedic medicines which are FDA approved. Our treatment helps in developing collateral circulation. It activates blood flow and hence reduces breathlessness, exertion, discomfort and pain in the chest and strengthens the heart muscles which may help avoid angioplasty or even by-pass surgery to the extent of 95% of the patients. These medicines are not magic but a boon to human society at large. The period of treatment varies from person to person depending on the factors like age, diabetes etc. Generally the treatment extends from 3 to 6 months.

We have been practicing this for last 14 years and have effectively and satisfactorily cured over a thousands patients across the globe. Apart from blockages in the heart we have effectively treated blockages in different parts of body. Treatment is also effective for mitral-valve stenosis.

This treatment can be taken by those who are diagnosed for heart attack and don't wish to undergo the trauma of the invasive methods or cannot afford the invasive techniques, old-aged patients who cannot undergo surgery and patients who are denied of surgery. Our treatment can be taken pre bypass in order to avoid it or post bypass in order to prevent the recurrence. With our treatment and positive changes in lifestyle people can have a healthy heart and a much happier and worry free life.